Adminology Bay Podcast 032

How Telemedicine Could Change Everything with Suzanne Shugg, DNP

In this episode, we had the privilege to chat with Suzanne Shugg, DNP. Suzanne is the director of the preventive cardiology clinic at NJ Cardiology Associates and she also teaches Adult Medicine and Future Technology in healthcare at Rutgers University. She has served across the United States as a consultant for telemedicine, starting independent telemedicine clinics both in and out of hospitals. Suzanne is the Co-Founder of Teleplus Healthcare, a telemedicine company that combines comprehensive telemedicine and tele-educational services with the leading treatment technology. Suzanne shares with us the story of how the company began and the services that they offer. We even touch on Chronic Care Management, a new Medicare reimbursement model that could be of huge importance for private physician practices. We are excited to bring this conversation to you and we hope you will join in on the discussion. Listen here or via iTunes, visit our website Adminology Bay

Jun 12, 2018

Suzanne Shugg is CEO and Co-Founder, Teleplus Healthcare, a professor at Rutgers University teaching adult medicine, and director of a preventative cardiology clinic.  We talk about how telemedicine is allowing care provider teams to treat and support those with chronic diseases, advantages doctors enjoy from using telemedicine to prioritize response to patients, and the role of predictive models and AI in early detection and prevention. 

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