Our Story

Teleplus HealthCare LLC (Teleplus) is a medical information technology company that combines comprehensive telemedicine and tele-educational services with the leading treatment technology.  TelePlus offers telemedical solutions in several health areas including Sleep Apnea, Congestive Heart Failure, Obesity, Chronic Care and, COPD.

Teleplus all-inclusive service offering includes the following:

  • Sleep apnea screening
  • Sleep center and sleep team set up, guidelines, training and management
  • CHF Telemedical Program
  • Obesity Care Telemedical Program
  • COPD Treatment (currently for Asian markets)
  • Patient tracking and monitoring
  • Patient follow up
  • IT integration
  • The latest in medical technology devices
  • Apps & Mobile Devices to connect nurses to patients
  • Remote health consultation
  • Scheduling and administrative tasks

In addition, the Teleplus platform incorporates multiple layers of service education and treatment for providers, including physician education and training, patient treatment, and administrative tasks.

Teleplus has an exclusive global partnership with the University of Pennsylvania to distribute the world’s preeminent sleep disorder education in the form of the UPENN Sleep Disorder Certificate program. This program incorporates various learning methods that include instructions for sleep disorder screenings and management, arrangement of sleep disorder facilities, and treatment options in the Asian and North American markets.

The major advances in sleep management and education developed by Teleplus enable providers who have earned the UPENN Sleep Disorder Certificate to deliver high quality care to their patients.

TelePlus is a HIPAA compliant organization and also complies with the HiTech act revision of HIPAA.